Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sephora FACE Makeup Remover

I think I've found my favorite FACE makeup remover for the time being. 

Product Review:

Sephora FACE Makeup Remover
"a two-phase, non-oily eye makeup remover"

~Cheap (so cheap..its like drugstore cheap) $5-8
~No perfumy fragrance
~Works awesomely
~Not oily (not oil based)
~Not too strong as in smell and alchohol
~Semi dropper top, so it doesn't spill
~Lasts pretty long (i've had mines for half a year now)
~No burning sensation

~Solution may be harder to come out more due to top.
~Only available online or at Sephora stores

Rating: 4.5/5

Would I buy again? Yes, I would esp since I am almost out!

Overall, I would definitely buy this product again.  I like that fact that its not oily and not so alcohol strong at least for me.  The product works especially well for me.  Just a few drops on tissue, and I can wipe off my eye makeup like it was never there.  There's no need for tugging or rubbing just to get the makeup off.  One thing I like is that it is cheap.  Sephora brand is often pretty inexpensive for being in the same store as other high end brands. This is definitely an alternative to other brands of makeup remover.

This product can be found can be found online at or at any Sephora store.

(This product was bought by me. Reviews are based on my personal views and experiences. I have no affiliation with said company)



Tina-Bobeena said... tempting!!! love the price tag and to know that it works great, even better!!! thanks!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I'm almost done with my Caudalie. This sounds like it might be a nice replacement. :)

Jennifer said...

i have this and love this too :)

ning * star said...

sounds amazing!

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I would definitely check this out....thanks...

Covered In Chocolate said...

Good to know. I've been using Lancome's eye make up remover and it's been my favorite so far, but it's very expensive. After I finish my bottle, I'm def- gonna give this a try.