Monday, March 22, 2010

Majolica Jeweling Eyes

Last summer, Mr. H and I went to Toronto with my sister in law and her husband.  We didn't spend too much time (actually we didn't have much time) to explore Toronto, but we did what we could in the amount of time we had.  I wanted to check out some of the Asian malls so that I could look for some Asian cosmetics brands.  I did find some but they seem a little expensive (Toronto girls are they?)  but I was able to get my hands on a Majolica Palette. 

Product Review:

Majolica Jeweling Eyes Palette

Swatches: all in order from top left clockwise. These are with no base.
(without flash)

(with flash)

This palette is small but packs lots of shimmer and cuteness in it.  Since the name is called Jeweling Eyes, this palette consists 2 shades of brown and 2 mid tone/highlight colors which are all mostly shimmering yet still has good payoff.  When applied slightly or even heavily, this palette gives your eyes a good amount of shimmer and leaves your eyes sparkling.

~Nuetral Brown palette (perfect for anyone)
~Small packaging; not too bulky
~Cute packaging; very Asian and girlish
~Pretty good pigmentation and payoff once past the shimmer

~Excessive layering = too much shimmer
~Because of the shimmer, it takes a few swipes to get good base of just eyeshadow
~Eyeshadow fall out
~Pricey (for how small it is and what I paid for it)

Rating: 3/5

Would I buy again?    maybe in a different color

Overall, I do use this palette once in a long while only usually when I go out.  It has too much shimmer to wear to work even lightly.  It seemed a little too much shimmer, but yes it does say that its
a Jeweling Eye palette.  Aside from all the shimmer, its a pretty good palette. It has all the various shades you need for a brown/neutral eye, and payoff can vary from slight to slightly heavy.  If I had a better access to getting this brand or other Asian cosmetics, I would definitely buy more, and try the other not as shimmery palettes.

~Asian Style Eyes: Since its shimmery, less is good. To get this style all you do is layer eyes with light strokes of eyeshadow starting with highlight to the darkest color on the outer v.  Keep the colors just to the lid area, all you want is just peak of eyeshadow showing.

Majolica Palettes can be found at various Asian Stores that sell cosmetics and beauty related items usually found in concentrated Asian areas.  They can also be found online on various sites as well.

(The product was purchased by me. Reviews are based my own personal views and experiences. I have no affiliation with said company)



Angelique said...

That palette is pretty! Not too sure about the shimmer since i'm not really big on that :] Love the colors though.

Serena said...

OoOO... Thanks for this review. I've been debating about Majolica Palettes but they definitely do seem too shimmery. Maybe it would be better in a different shade. Did the shadow last long though?

Mary said...

@angelique: yeah the palette is pretty, but there is lots of shimmer, I can't wear shimmer all too often, which is a bummer

@ serena: thanks!..there should be other palettes that aren't as shimmery..which should be the regular paletttes

Klaudia ♡☮ said...

Thank you for the sweet comment, it really means a bunch :)

superwoolu said...

i love shimmer palettes but i would never wear it to work :p and yes... asian brands are super expensive in toronto!!! i order my stuff online and pay 1/2 the price for it ^___^

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I always want to own a majolica majorca palette...unfortunately I can't find it anywhere...and online stores are expensive....thanks for the review..

Lipstick on the cup said...

That palette is really pretty. I love shimmer eyeshadows :) I wish I could get it one day ;)