Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ramen Love!

Who loves RAMEN noodles? I do! I don't eat it as often and I usually just eat ones I make at home. I do wish there were Ramen noodle restaurants here, but haven't found any yet.

So after browsing all the yummy pictures of ramen noodle bowls on everyone's blogs, I decided you know what? I'm gonna make my own gourmet Ramen noodle bowl.

Here's my attempt:


Ramen noodle
Boiled Eggs (almost hard boiled)
Thinly sliced Ribs (yummy)
Tofu (the best)
Addition sauces

More food love:

Yummy Goodness (you see the ribs and tofu.."drools")

Growing up, I always just ate ramen noodle as it add ons of anything else, so I was surprised to find that other cultures ate ramen noodles with tons of other things in it! I was surprised that even there even noodle houses that only served ramen, wow! lol

Mr. H loved it, and so did I. I've been experimenting with different flavors and add ins, so more pictures to come.  Next time, I am going to have to try Pork Belly in it, that should be amazing.

What's your favorite Ramen Noodle flavor? add ins?



Lipstick Rules said...

That looks so delicious! What kind of broth did you make for it??

Angie said...

Wow! That is the yummiest ramen I have seen in a while!

Mary said...

LipstickRules: umm..the broth is just from the ramen flavoring pack its the spicy version..and then i add additional asian saucess

Angie!: thanks! I think I need to make some more!

ning * star said...

nyom, u make me starving. haha
imma gonna go downstairs and have my breakfast now <3

Shop N' Chomp said... did good, girl...*drools*

coffretgorge said...

that looks gewd! :P i like beef and seafood ramen. nomnomnomnom! :D

Lisa said...

Fancy! hehe
YUM this is how I like to make mine too!
My fave flavor is spicy shrimp, the mama brand. =D

Covered In Chocolate said...

Dang girl, you make it look good. I'm gonna have to try making me some today. LOL!

Mary said...

LOL..thanks girls!

lisa: we get the mama kind too! haha

Tina-Bobeena said...

dang that look good!!!!!

Serena said...

{*DROOL} The ramen looks so good. The sliced ribs and tofu look so appetizing. I'm always too lazy to add extras into my ramen. =/
I used to like shrimp flavor a lot while growing up but recently I've been getting chicken. I should try adding stuff into my ramen next time. Yours looks soooooooo delicious.

Mary said...

thanks serena! yes you should def..try something else to the ramen