Monday, March 15, 2010

WHY must you be OOS???????

OOS = Out of Stock

So don't you just hate it when something you want online is "temporarily out of stock" and it basically never restocks?  Why don't they just take it off and save us the time to look at it and want it? LOL.

The other day I was browsing Sephora's sale page (love it) and I came across a few items that caught my eye and I had to have it.  The only problem was, the color that I wanted was you guessed it OOS.  WHY? I said..hehe

I like to keep all my makeup organized (I try), and I'm always looking around for random containers to fill them up with my overflow of makeup.  On the website, its the first time I've seen Sephora with any organization containers on sale!  I was like, "that's what I want"..but wait the black one is out of stock.  I wasn't surprised! As it was a sale item..almost less than 50% off.  I also knew that since it was a sale item, most likely it will not be restocked. (too sad)

Anywho, here's the item that I have been keeping my eye on; hopeful that it will be restocked for some time.  Please Sephora, just for me! k?  The red and white ones are still available, but not my color and totally would not match my dark dressers.

Sephora Collection "Makeup Station"
"An ensemble of versatile organizing trays."

Sephora Brand Makeup Station lets you discover the beauty of organization. Put things in order in style with this set of multitasking containers. Streamline your steps to getting gorgeous every day.

Isn't it cute! I would totally love to have this!

What are some items that you have wanted or lem for and found that it was out of stock?



Rena said...

OMG! i TOTALLY agree with you! sometimes they should just spare us the time of actually clicking on the product...

<33 Rena

Y said...

omgg so cute! I like STALK the drugstores to find out when restocking times are. The employees probably think that I'm some sort of creeper XP. Hey, I'm also hosting a giveaway, so check it out if youre interested!

butters1984 said...

Ugh yes that happens to me all the time. In December I was looking at this pair of cute cheap boots and the next day when I went to order them they were out of my size and are still not in stock! :[

Y said...

And quick question, the followers box is like... blank so I can't follow you =[

Angie said...

mary, you should try getting a huge train case! they're great for traveling and lugging around your makeup and keeping them organized in little shelves.

Shop N' Chomp said...

The trench from the Jean Paul Gaultier Target line...*cries* I hope they restock that makeup tray for you!

ning * star said...

hope they are on stock soon