Friday, March 26, 2010

100+ Giveaway! Take a Peek and Enter!

So I know I've been putting off this giveaway for some time now, especially since I just finished my recent giveaway.  (Check out Sarah and her blog, as she was the winner of that prize)  It was fun to host the giveaway and see who entered it.

I was able to reach over 100+ followers just recently and am so glad that all of you take the time to read my blog and comment. Very much appreciated!!

Now for the GiveAway Prizes:

I thought I would give away 2 prizes: so that there would be more winners and everyone will have a better chance at winning something.  Isn't that awesome!

First Prize:

NARS Blush/Gloss Set in "Deep Throat and Striptease"
MAC eyeshadow in "In Living Pink"
Lancome Juicy Tube in "Sweet Sunshine" 
+ other misc. goodies

Second Prize:
OPI "Mini La Mode" nail polish set
MAC Dazzleglass "Money Honey"
+ other misc. goodies

If I get more than anticipated entries, I may Consider a 3rd prize giveaway! 
Something special for my readers!


1. Must be a FOLLOWER or Subscriber of my blog! I will check!
2. Comment on this saying you want to enter!
    Please include your name/alias/email where I can reach you at (please make sure it is correct, I am not   responsible for incorrect email addresses) 
3. Open to all US and International readers! MUST BE 18 or Older!
4. Winners will be chosen at random on MAY 1st.
5. Giveaway will be held from MARCH 26th through April 30th.

Bonus Entries:
1.  Repost this Giveaway on your Blog: (please include valid link in your comment below)
2.  Additional entries can be through these only:  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
    (please include the link as well) (these will be counted as additional entries individually)

Sorry there are lots of rules. I just want to be fair to all my readers who actually do take time to comment and read. I also want to invite new readers to my blog as well. I just want everyone to have a fair chance to win hence the 2 prizes.

I can't wait to see the entries and eventually award the prizes.
Have FUN entering!!

(All products for giveaway have been purchased by me)



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Marisa said...

Enter me please!
I posted about it here:

Hacer @ Makyaj Günlüğü said...

Please enter me = )

Rakelm said...

Enter me doll!

Raquel Ferrão


Celtia4 said...

Hi! Great contest!
Enter me, please! I'm a follower

Gabriela said...

Nice prizes! :)
I`m a follower, enter me please.

I posted about your giveaway on my blog: (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

I also tweeted:


Sónia said...
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Sara Abreu said...


I'm an international follower!

mail is:

regards from portugal

Sara Abreu

Saimese said...

I'm a follower. Enter me, please.

miss.saimshaikh at-gmail-dot-com

SweetR said...

Enter me ! :)

Camille said...

enter me, please :)

i'm a subscriber, aurevoircamille [at] hotmail [dot] com

SuFerreira said...

new follower here !
great giveaway

Mimi (MakeupWithdrawal) said...

Enter me please!

I also linked it in my side bar:

enna_x_x said...

oooh great giveaway!!! Enter me please!! :D

Sally said...

Wow, great giveaway!

Enter me please. I follow you through bloglovin.

Enter me, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

please enter me xx

Sabril said...

Oohh giveaway! Enter me please :]

I'm a follower


Makeupaholic said...

Enter me please
I am a follower xx

Cakeybear said...

Hi there! I'd LOVEE to enter this contest! Thank you for posting it, good luck everyone!

My email address is


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